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As of July 11, 2008

Approved Scoring Devices
Manufacturer System
AMF AccuScore Plus (Revised)
AccuCam 3000
*Magic Score
Bowling Computer System The Scorekeeper
Beijing Xima Bowling Xima
Brunswick Corp. AS-80
AS-90 (CCD Scanner)
Vector Plus
VPS Video Pin Sensor
Doban Lab. Inc. (Formerly Biggs & Sons) Computer Score
Heddon Bowling Corp. BMS Scoregraphic II
Korexpo Corp. Acescore
Lakewood Mfg. Co. *Escore
Mendes, Inc.(Fenix) Futura
Micro Business **Heddon/EasiScore
Pro-Scor, Inc. **EasiScor II
**Pro Score
Paule Computer Systems Pro Score
Qubica USA Qubica
RCA *Rapid Score
Resultatsystem AB Viking 2001
Switch Switch
Twelve Strike Twelve Strike
US Steltronic, LLC Steltronic WINS
Van Tech Matrix Computer Score
Vantech Solo Computer Score
* Out of Production | ** Upgrades to same model
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