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USBC Mixed
April 10 - June 30, 2015
National Bowling Stadium
Reno, Nev.

The USBC Mixed will debut alongside the 2015 USBC Women's Championships at the National Bowling Stadium in Reno, Nevada, and include a variety of average-based divisions to attract new and veteran bowlers of all ages and abilities.

The Mixed will feature four-player mixed teams (two men and two women per team), mixed doubles (one man and one woman per team) and open singles competition. Just like the Women's Championships, bowlers will be divided into divisions that have them competing only against bowlers of similar skill levels. The structure will mimic that of the Women's Championships, with four team divisions and six categories for doubles and singles. All competition is scratch.

The cost will be $44 per event, consistent with the Women's Championships price structure, but there will not be an all-events option at The Mixed.

The event was designed with the understanding that packing up your bowling equipment and flying across the country to compete in a national tournament against tens of thousands of bowlers can be intimidating for any USBC member, so there is a greater emphasis on fun. The Mixed will give bowlers a chance to enjoy the experience of traveling to compete and get a taste of competition on the national stage, but with convenient squad times and a friendly, laid-back environment.

Bowlers may bowl in the team event twice, provided that no more than two players are the same. Re-entry also may be allowed in mixed doubles and open singles. 

Read more about The Mixed here.


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USBC Mixed Divisions
Mixed Team

Division 1: 725 and above
Division 2: 650-724
Division 3: 575-649
Division 4: 574 and below

Mixed Doubles
Division 1: 380 and above
Division 2: 350-379
Division 3: 320-349
Division 4: 290-319
Division 5: 260-289
Division 6: 259 and below

Open Singles
Division 1: 190 and above
Division 2: 175-189
Division 3: 160-174
Division 4: 145-159
Division 5: 130-144
Division 6: 129 and below


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2015 - Reno, Nev.
2016 - Las Vegas

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