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10:15 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

All Delegate Workshop – A Future for the Sport
Recommended attendees: Everyone
Description: Why a strong National Governing Body is important and how it will build a better USBC we can all be proud of while also delivering a Future for the Sport. 

1:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.
Association Successes
(Omaha B/C)
Recommended attendees: Adult board members
Description: Celebrate Your Success! Come hear associations share their success stories and look at ways you can implement their ideas in your association. We will explore some of the early successes of the Performance Standards and how they are benefiting your members.

Communicating to a New Generation (Omaha A)
Recommended attendees: Adult and youth board members
Description: The world is constantly changing and so is the way we connect. We communicate differently than those before us, and the new generation communicates differently than we do. Let’s explore and share ways we are communicating and how we can successfully reach the next generation of bowlers.

Coaching Clinic Best Practices (Omaha D)
Recommended attendees: Adult and Youth board members
Description: Has your association hosted a coaching clinic yet this year? Learn how other associations have developed a coaching curriculum to benefit their members and how their successful clinics can help you prepare to host your clinics.

2:45 p.m. – 3:45 p.m.
Equipment Specifications (Omaha A)
Recommended attendees: Adult board members
Description: Why does a ball hitting the pocket not always result in a strike?  The Equipment Specifications Team will share information from a study that shows possible pin combinations you leave when hitting the pocket so you understand why that perfect ball is not always a perfect strike. We will also give a preview of new equipment that shows a bird’s-eye view of a bowling ball rolling down the lane.

The Value of USBC Membership (Omaha B/C)
Recommended attendees: Adult and youth board members; association managers
Description: We are all USBC. Together we will explore the variety of value the organization offers to members and all of bowling, starting at the association level. In this workshop, we also will review success stories of speaking to leagues about certifying with USBC. 

Our Nonprofit Status (Omaha D)
Recommended attendees: Adult and youth board members; association managers
Description:  Learn what it means to be a nonprofit organization and what is needed to continue as a nonprofit. IRS reporting requirements for nonprofits can be difficult to understand and this seminar will simplify what needs to be done so you do not put your status at risk.

4 p.m. – 5 p.m.
Planning for Success
(Omaha A)
Recommended attendees: Adult and youth officers
Description: Are you looking for more passion, new energy, and dedicated volunteers to join your association? We will take a look at the new Planning for Success program materials to help your association reflect, learn what it needs to succeed and action plans for how to make it happen.

Enhancing the Tournament Experience (Omaha B/C)
Recommended attendees: All board members
Description: If your tournament has lost some of its luster or you want your association’s championship tournaments to be outstanding events and not just another day of bowling, then we will explore ways to do the little things that can successfully change the experience your bowlers have at your tournaments.

Your Association’s Brand (Omaha D)
Recommended attendees: Association Managers; Adult and youth board members
Description: Your association is a brand and that brand is important. Join us for a session to review how valuable a brand is for an organization and how your association can successfully improve your brand image with your bowlers in a few simple ways.

8:30 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.
(Omaha B/C)
Recommended attendees: All delegates
Description: Challenge your knowledge of the rules during this fun and interactive session.  Members from the Rules team will guide you through real bowling situations and explain what rule applies and why (or why not) the situation violated USBC Rules so you can make the right call.

Networking (Nebraska C)
Recommended attendees: Presidents and Vice Presidents
Description: You asked for it, you got it. Bring a few business cards and come to the first speed networking event where you will share ideas with fellow association officers from around the country. Seating for this one is limited, and is designed only for presidents and vice presidents as the topics will be focused on those roles. Come share your successes with other officers from around the country.

IT Updates (Omaha D)
Recommended attendees: Association Managers; Adult and youth board members
Description: USBC staff will provide an update on processing software and business plans for BOWL.com.

10 a.m. – noon
Meet the Candidates
Recommended attendees: All delegates
Description: This is your opportunity to hear from the candidates who are running for the three open positions on the USBC Board of Directors. Five candidates were slated by the USBC Nominating Committee.

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