Director through July 31, 2018
Elected by delegates

Jay Daryman of York, Pennsylvania, is the association manager for Pennsylvania State Youth, where he was a director from 1986-1997. He was president of the York Area Young American Bowling Alliance (YABA) from 1995-2000, after serving as their Secretary for several years. He also served as York County BA Executive Director from 1987-1997 and again from 1999-2005. After the local association merger, he served as a director from 2006-2009, then served as president from 2009-2013. He served on the American Bowling Congress (ABC) Tiered Membership Committee (1993) and Awards Sub-Committee (1994) and is an ABC Lifetime member. He was inducted into the York-Adams Bowling Hall of Fame in 1999. As a hobby, he maintains several websites, including the state youth and state women’s sites. Daryman is a Maintenance Support Specialist for Exelon Nuclear, where he has worked since 1980.