Director through July 31, 2021
Elected by delegates

Jay Daryman of York, Pennsylvania, starts his second term on the board with the 2018-2019 season. He is chair of the National Policy Committee, vice chair of the Legal and Legislative Committee, serves on the Audit Committee and has served as chair of the Nominating Committee. He currently serves as association manager for Pennsylvania State Youth, where he was a director from 1986-1997. He has served as a director or officer over the years in his local youth BA and merged boards since 1980. He was on the American Bowling Congress (ABC) Tiered Membership Committee (1993) and Awards Sub-Committee (1994) and is an ABC Lifetime member. He was inducted into the York-Adams Bowling Hall of Fame in 1999. He currently is serving as chairman of the State Transition Committee. As a hobby, he maintains several websites, including the state youth and state women’s sites. Daryman is a Maintenance Support Specialist for Exelon Nuclear, where he has worked since 1980.