Coordinators and Captain's Club FAQ

What's the difference between Captain's Club and a Coordinator?
A Coordinator is an individual who has registered five (5) or more fully paid teams for the Open Championships or five (5) or more fully paid teams for the Women's Championships.

Captain's Club is a program created to reward Coordinators for their hard work. The rewards are tiered, so Coordinators can earn more for booking more teams. 

How do I reap the benefits of the USBC Championship Tournaments Captain's Club?
To be eligible for the USBC Captain's Club, you simply need to become a Coordinator.
When you qualify for the USBC Captain's Club, you will receive an email, usually within 1-3 weeks of submitting your teams.
What are the benefits of the 2019 USBC Captain's Club?
Captain's Club member benefits are updated each year. The 2019 benefits are:

  • USBC Captain's Club vest - An exclusive vest that features the Captain's Club logo. USBC will request your size during a follow-up call.
  • USBC Captain's Club ball shammy - A high quality, Captain's Club-logoed ball shammy to keep your equipment oil-free for the Championship Tournaments.
  • USBC Captain's Club shoe bag – Pack your shoes in this sleek bag while you're traveling to and from the Championship Tournaments.
  • USBC Captain's Club duffel bag - A premium Captain's Club-logoed duffel bag to carry around all of your bowling accessories during the tournament.
  • Tournament photo package - Includes one doubles picture and a participation card.
  • Bowling Ball Express discount - Avoid airline fees and ship your equipment directly to the tournament site and receive a $25 discount off your shipment each way.
  • Locker access - Don't worry about where to keep your equipment because you will have unlimited access to your own locker.
  • $25 restaurant voucher - Enjoy dinner on USBC with a $25 restaurant voucher.
  • Membership credential - Everybody will know you are a member of the 2019 USBC Captain's Club
  • Platinum level Wild card reward – We’ve added a Wild Card Reward for 2019.  The reward will be durable, ergonomic designed wireless earbuds and with powercase.

When will I receive the initial 2019 benefits?
Captain's Club benefits will be waiting for you on-site at check-in at either the 2019 USBC Open Championships in Las Vegas or at the 2019 USBC Women's Championships in Wichita, Kansas.

When is the deadline for the Captain's Club?
To qualify for the 2019 Captain's Club, teams must have been registered by Dec. 31, 2018. Information about the 2020 Captain's Club will be available soon.

Who can I contact if I have any problems or questions?
For Coordinator and Captain's Club related questions, please call the tournaments department at 1.800.514.2695 (select option 3) or email us at