The United States Bowling Congress Open Championships is heading east for the first time in nearly two decades, and, with only seven weeks until Opening Day, the event is less than 300 teams from being sold out!

More than 7,200 five-player teams already are scheduled to make the trip to Syracuse, New York, in 2018 for the Ultimate Bowling Experience, and that's great news.

It's great news for Syracuse, which last hosted the event in 1999 and now gets to show off its amazing culture, cuisine and scenery to more than 40,000 bowlers.

It's also great news for the bowlers who get to experience the amazing Northeast, and since the event will run from March until July, you can even pick your favorite season.

But, there's more great news.

We're excited that the 2018 USBC Open Championships has reached 91 percent of the 8,000-team capacity, but that also means there's still time to be part of the 115th edition of this storied event!


March 25-31 Excellent
April 1-5 Excellent
April 17-19 Limited
April 23-26 Limited
May 1-13 Limited
May 27-29 Excellent
July 1-6 Limited

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Contact the Open Championships tournament office with any questions at 888-910-2695.

Here's some top reasons why you don't want to miss the 2018 Open Championships:

- You'll get to compete in an amazing, custom-built 48-lane bowling facility, constructed just for the 2018 OC, inside the vast Oncenter Convention Center.

- At only 107 days, each day of competition will be action-packed and exciting for competitors of all ages and skill levels in three average-based divisions.

- You'll get to see your name in lights, high above the lanes, on the world's largest mobile scoreboard.

- You'll get to compete for a share of nearly $4 million in prize money.

- You'll get to experience a cultural melting pot with delicious food, from pizza to authentic Irish delicacies to waffles and other sweet treats - even bowling-themed donuts from a local donut shop that can't wait to welcome the bowlers to town.

- You'll experience the warm hospitality of The Salt City (and the rest of Central New York) from the minute you step off the plane, including banners, decals, informational booklets and brochures, bowler specials and assistance in making sure you have an amazing experience.

Join us on the biggest stage in bowling! Be part of the fun and camaraderie. Cash in. Take home one of the tournament's coveted Eagle trophies!

With only 48 lanes and fewer days of competition this year, you'll have to act fast. The remaining spots are going quickly.