Ah, the trick shot - bowling's celebrated, but often blacklisted art form. Bowling trick shots usually take hours of practice and sometimes even a few broken lanes to master.  Before we begin, here's a quick word of advice: Do not attempt trick shots at any bowling center unless you have permission from the owner and are prepared to pay for damaged equipment.  With that out of the way, let's get on to the fun stuff!

Bar Stool Strike



Forget bowling under a chair - PBA bowler Osku Palermaa redefined this traditional trick shot with a two-handed loft OVER his bar stool.  While the shot itself is enough to make any bowling center owner cringe, the amount of precision involved in lofting a strike halfway down the lane is very impressive.

The Duke's Spare Conversion



Norm Duke is a legend in the sport.  With 37 career titles under his belt, including the USBC Masters in 1993, Norm is one of the most successful bowlers of all time.  In this shot, he demonstrates his extraordinary skillset by starting his "spare ball" first and then purposely taking out just 9 pins to leave one pin remaining for his slow-rolling "spare ball" to take out.

The Great Varipapa



While the content may be from the 1940s, the tricks performed in this video are jaw-dropping.  Andy Varipapa is one of bowling's best trick bowlers.  In this video, he works with glass vases on the lane to show us just how crazy good his shots can be!

World's Longest Strike



It's a strike for the record books!  Granted, it's not on a bowling lane but these kids don't need an even surface to strike from afar. The ball took more than 12 seconds to hit its target. Making this more ridiculous was the uneven terrain. In less than 10 attempts, the "How Ridiculous" team pulled off the perfect strike.

Amazing Seat Shot



Who knew bowling could be so casual?  Apparently at a company social event, this gentleman in sweater and tie didn't even have to get up out of his chair to see success on the lanes.