Press area
One meeting room will be used for the press; all connected through the internal network in the center and with access to results at the Internet. We expect to be able to provide space and capacity for about 30 press officials.

All press officials will be connected through a wireless network. They will have access to the Inter-net free of charge.

We expect the press officials to bring their laptops.  There will be a printer available.

A refreshment service in the form of coffee, tea and soft drinks will be available for all accredited press officials at no charge.

Press conferences
We will provide sufficient space for press conferences after the conclusion of each discipline and in other situations, when necessary.
Result services

The latest technology will be in use both for the press officials and for accumulation and presentation of scores and standings.

Bus services
Please be advised that Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa offers scheduled shuttle service to and from McCarran International Airport.  Please visit our website for exact times and locations.

Equipment storage
A Ball Park in the bowling center will be used to store the equipment.

Farewell Banquet
The Banquet will be held in August 16 in the afternoon, at the Resort.