The YES Fund is a new initiative dedicated to the development of youth bowling. Our future is now and the partnerships already created have united the bowling industry in a single cause-the betterment of youth bowling. USBC and BPAA have joined together with the founding partners to create this program.


What is Youth Education Services?
The Youth Education Services (YES) Fund is a united effort by industry leaders in the sport, initiated by the Bowling Proprietors' Association of America and the United States Bowling Congress, dedicated to youth bowling development and marketing.


Who is involved in the YES effort?
The YES effort initially has been supported by top bowling brands including Brunswick, Columbia 300, Ebonite, 900 Global, Hammer, North Pointe, QubicaAMF, Roto Grip, Storm and Track. Each brand has made a significant contribution and the YES Fund has received more than $250,000 in commitments. IBC Director of Youth Development Chad Murphy, supported by USBC and BPAA staff, will direct programs initiated through the YES initiative.


How will the YES Fund be used?
The advancement of youth bowling is the objective of the YES initiative. An initial focus will be to develop a mainstream sports model for bowlers 12 and under. The project will involve the creation of new team-based structures for competition along with developing training and recruiting programs to attract volunteer coaches. The initial testing of pilot programs will begin later this year.


Can I get involved in the YES effort?
The YES effort is open to anyone interested in becoming involved in youth bowling - companies and organizations involved in youth sports, members of the bowling industry, bowling center proprietors and individuals.


Chad Murphy
IBC Director of Youth Development