USBC Statement on Purple Hammer Hardness

USBC Statement on Purple Hammer Hardness (March 1, 2022)

USBC is aware of a claim that some Purple Hammers produced years ago were manufactured with hardness below approved specifications and intentionally distributed.

USBC has no evidence this is true. USBC has never received a report alleging this conduct nor any evidence supporting such a claim. Nor would or has USBC approved a ball outside specifications.

Since ball hardness continues to be a topic of misinformation, we want to repeat our research findings:

Urethane balls get softer with use over time compared to when approved. This is true for virtually all urethane balls tested regardless of brand. The data clearly shows urethane balls from multiple companies and manufacturing facilities all get softer. This is not unique to Purple Hammers.

We generally expect older urethane balls to measure the furthest below their original manufactured hardness. A used 5-year-old urethane ball manufactured at 72D can be expected to measure under 70D today. The effect of becoming softer with use over time eventually levels out and the ball’s hardness stabilizes.

Please see the data published HERE detailing this science.