USBC Rules Extra: September 7

 USBCLogoSum2Be aware of recent rule changes
USBC, as the sport’s governing body, establishes the rules for bowling. Though Rule 100a does allow leagues to adopt rules that do not conflict with USBC rules, and many USBC rules allow options for leagues, there are rules that leave no options for leagues to change.

The changes adopted by the delegates at the 2012 USBC Annual Meeting for Rule 113b and 113c require leagues to include scores bowled in roll-offs, playoffs and special contests in bowlers’ average records. These rules cannot be changed.

True or false: Ties in standings can be broken with total pins.
True or false: Once adopted, all league rules are final.
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Three memberships, one price

Many bowlers believe the total membership dues they pay at the start of their league all goes to USBC. What they do not realize is the initial dues actually pay for three memberships – local, state and national. Please take the time to let your bowlers know they belong to these organizations.

All bowlers must complete a membership application card and pay dues the first time they bowl in the league (Rule 101). Leagues cannot adopt a rule allowing bowlers to pay fees at a later time. A bowler who paid in another league or on must provide a receipt. If the bowler does not have a receipt, the appropriate membership dues should be collected and a refund will be given if the bowler has paid more than once.

While bowlers pay the national membership dues ($10) only once, they must pay local dues (up to $10) and state dues (up to $1) for each local and state association in which they bowl in a league. The total maximum membership dues for a league is $21.

Remind bowlers to write legibly when filling out their membership application card and to be sure to fill in the email address. Email is USBC’s quickest way to contact members and to keep the bowlers informed with newsletters such as eBowler. Let the bowlers know their membership card will be mailed directly to their home.

Absentee score vs. vacancy score the first night
If a bowler is not present the first week of bowling, which score should the bowler receive the first night – an absentee score or a vacancy score?

Unless the league has a rule to state otherwise, or a past practice has been established within the league, the league absentee score is used (Rule 105). If there is any question as to whether the bowler is on the team roster or what score should be used, the league board of directors (the team captains and officers) decides by majority vote.

Prize lists
In most leagues, the prize list creates the most controversy. The president appoints a prize committee of one or more people who must present one or more prize lists for adoption within five (5) weeks of the start of the season.

The league cannot adopt a later time to adopt a prize list. Questions concerning the fairness, when to adopt and how to vote can be answered by clicking here.

Things to do
League Certification Application
Submit to the local association within 30 days of the start of the league. If you wait for stragglers, you may forget and be late. Being late not only delays bowlers getting their membership cards, but also affects league bonding insurance.

League Funds
• Get an Employer Identification Number (EIN), also known as a Federal Tax Identification Number. Click here for instructions.
• Open an account in the name of the league, with two signatures for withdrawal.
• Deposit within seven (7) days.
• President – Verify the account monthly. Click here for form.
• President – Appoint prize committee.
• Many awards do not require 12 games be bowled. See Rule 53 for instructions on average-based awards.
• Award applications must be submitted within 20 days of the accomplishment being bowled.
• Applications are sent to the local association, not USBC Headquarters.