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Sometimes, things happen, and you find yourself in need of a substitute for the USBC Open Championships. Or, you recently heard about this great event and would like to participate, but you don't have a team.

The Sub Board is the perfect place to find what you need.

To access the Open Championships, Women’s Championships and Mixed Sub Board, you first will need to have a BOWL.com login.

Your login information and password are generated when you Activate your USBC membership. If you have not Activated your membership, please click the ACTIVATE button at the top of your screen.


To Activate, you need your USBC membership number and date of birth for verification.
Your email address and the password you generate during Activation will be used when logging into BOWL.com.
You are now ready to click the LOGIN button and get started.

Step 1
Click the LOGIN button. Enter your email and password.

Click Sign In.
(Note: If you go to Login at a later date and forget your password, click on Forgot Password?)

Step 2
Once you are logged in, you will see a welcome message and dropdown menu. Please select CHAMPIONSHIPS SUB BOARD from the menu.

Step 3
Select the tournament for which you need a sub or would like to be a sub (Open, Women’s or Mixed).

Step 4
Determine if you NEED a substitute bowler (NEED A SUB) or would like to offer your services AS a substitute bowler (WANT TO SUB).


Then just fill out the form and submit.


If you have any questions, please contact the Bowling Information Center at 800-514-BOWL (2695) or bowlinfo@bowl.com.



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