USBC Youth bowling is a unique opportunity to get involved with a lifetime sport.

USBC Youth bowling has membership options designed to meet the needs of all youth bowlers. More than $6 million in annual scholarships are awarded to youth bowlers each season based on academic, leadership and on-lane performances. USBC Youth provides opportunities for coaching and instruction, fun and friendly competition, fair play, teamwork, and leadership development.

If you or your child wants to get involved with a cool sport that anyone can play, and one that helps build their future, join USBC Youth bowling today!.


USBC Youth features one membership with three upgrade options: U12 Junior Gold ($10), U15/U20 Junior Gold ($30) and Bowlopolis ($3.50).
USBC Membership Packages
Special Olympics Upgrade


USBC Youth offers several ways to process youth memberships through associations and centers:
2016-2017 USBC Youth Association How to Guide
2016-2017 USBC Youth Bowling Center How to Guide


IBC Youth Committee

The IBC Youth Committee, which recommends appointments to the USBC Nominating Committee, seeks strong candidates from all backgrounds. The deadline to submit an application for the 2017-2018 International Bowling Campus Youth Committee was Oct. 1, 2016.

Registered Volunteer Program (RVP)

USBC created the Registered Volunteer Program (RVP) to assure parents that we provide as safe an environment as possible for USBC Youth bowlers.

The program ensures that any volunteers who work with USBC Youth are qualified to do so, and gives proprietors, coaches and prospective volunteers alike an opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to the safety of youth bowlers by either registering in the program themselves or inviting registered volunteers to take part in local USBC Youth activities
Registered Volunteer Details

Youth Logos

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