USBC Women's Championships Brackets

The USBC Women's Championships offers participants a wide variety of optional brackets. The entry fee is $5 or $10 for most options, so brackets are a great way to add more excitement to your tournament experience and possibly pick up additional prize money.

A "bracket" is set up using eight randomly-selected bowlers on your squad during team, doubles and/or singles events. You need to bowl a higher game than the bowler you are paired against to advance out of each round. If you win all three matches, you win your bracket.

At the Women's Championships, there are several types of brackets available, including scratch, handicap and senior (age 50 and older) handicap. Handicap for brackets is 80 percent of 220.

Reverse Brackets work like traditional brackets, but instead of using your scores in order (Game 1, Game 2 and Game 3), they are used in reverse order (Game 3, Game 2 and Game 1). The cost for Reverse Brackets is $5. First place pays $25, while second place pays $10. Scratch and handicap Reverse Brackets are available during team, doubles and singles events.

In addition, there will be 50+ Reverse Handicap Bracket offered in 2016 that only will be available during team event.

For $10, the Second Chance Brackets are similar to regular brackets but four of the eight bowlers will have a chance to at least win back their entry fee. There will be handicap Second Chance Brackets available during all three events.

Bowlers who lose the first game will advance to a losers' bracket. Bowlers who lose again will be eliminated. Bowlers whose first loss comes in the second game will advance to a second sub-bracket. The bowler who loses again will be eliminated.

The person who makes it through the initial bracket undefeated will win $30. Two wins and a loss in the final will earn the bowler $20. A win in the first game, followed by a loss in the second and a win in the third will earn the bowler $15. The winner of the initial losers' bracket will earn $10.

The 3-6-9 Strike Jackpot entry fee is $5 and puts bowlers in the jackpot for all three events (team, doubles and singles) for the one entry fee. The concept is simple: strike in the third, sixth and ninth frame of each game in a series and hit the jackpot. You also can cash for hitting eight of the nine strikes in the series or just for striking in the third, sixth or ninth frame of any single game. Payouts will come after the conclusion of the tournament.

The Handicap Mulligan and 60+ Mulligan will give bowlers the chance to forget about their bad games and only use their highest scores of their event.

Entrants in either the Handicap Mulligan or 60+ Mulligan will use their three highest games of the 2016 Women's Championships to determine their Mulligan series. The handicap for both events is 80 percent of 220.

With their score posted, competitors will have to wait and see how their series holds up for the duration of the tournament. Both events feature a prize-fund-style payout with a cash ratio of 1:4. The entry fee is $10.

All bowlers are welcome to give the Handicap Mulligan a try, while entrants in the 60+ Mulligan must be age 60 or older on the day they compete.

For a $10 entry fee, Century Doubles pairs two bowlers who are a combined 100 years or older on the date of participation. Bowlers may only enter with other competitors on their squad (up to five partners) in this tournament-long event. For example, a bowler who is 35 years old must find a bowler on her squad who is 65 or older in order to enter the event and vice versa. Bowlers will use their combined doubles scores to determine the winner at the end of the tournament's run in July. The handicap for Century Doubles is 80 percent of 220.

Prize money goes to the bowler who signs up the pair, but the two bowlers can enter with each other and share the place in the standings. For example, Bowler A can sign up with Bowler B, and Bowler B can then pay her own $10 to sign up with Bowler A.

Side pots reward bowlers who are the best on their squads. These handicap pots pay out for the highest game (each game) among those who are entered. The entry fee for side pots during each event is $10. The handicap for this product is 80 percent of 220.

Women's Championships bowlers are encouraged to use their nine-game all-events totals as qualifying scores to earn paid entries into the USBC Team USA Trials, an event that gives bowlers a chance to earn a spot on Team USA.

For a $35 entry fee, one out of every 10 entrants earns a paid Team USA Trials entry. In addition to a chance to represent the United States in international bowling competition through the optional qualifying program, USBC donates $1 from each all-events entry fee to support the Team USA program. Bowlers interested in a chance to qualify for the Team USA Trials can register when they sign up for brackets before team event.