WinLABS Training Resources


WinLABS Association Software

WinLABS is a free computer software application created by USBC to process information for Adult members. The program provides automated solutions for certifying adult leagues, members, bowler achievements, and tournaments.

Below are tutorials addressing WinLABS use. More tutorials will be added in the future.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about WinLABS.


Association Information Membership Products
  Association Properties   Membership Products
  Association Officials   Changing Local/State Dues
  Adding Association Officials           Membership Products Not Listed        
Start New Season Entering Averages & Awards
  Start New Season   Entering Final Averages
    Entering Achievements/Awards
Processing Leagues & Bowlers  
  Activating Inactive Leagues Transmittal
  Activation Inactive Bowlers   Creating and Sending a New Transmittal
  Activating a Bowler Not in the Database                  
  Activation a Bowler in the Database  

WinLabs Tournament Software

WinLABS contains a full tournament module to allow associations to process certified tournaments for both adults and youth. Below you will find links to the WinLABS Tournament Training Modules.

The presentation has been broken down into 15 separate segments which allow for quick and easy selection of the segment that matches the current phase of your tournament. Below are highlights and links to each. Make sure to turn your speakers on and enjoy the training.