87-Year-Old Takes Different Path to Video Game Perfection




OK, we’ll admit that video games can be pretty awesome. It’s fun to drive fast and reckless, knowing our insurance rates won’t go up no matter how many cars we smash.

Bowling might be one of the most popular sports transformed to the world of video games. There are quite a few titles out there, such as Nester’s Funky Bowling, Alley Master, Polar Bowler, Brunswick Pro Bowling and, of course, Wii Bowling.

The GuideLive blog of the Dallas Morning News recently showed us that Wii Bowling, just like the sport itself, is for people of all ages.



Darlene Springer, 87, has more than 730 perfect games on Wii Bowling so she added a little twist to make it more challenging. Check out the full article here.