The Eye of the Bowler

We love technology. How would we exist these days without our iPhones or DVRs?




A recent innovation comes from the folks at Google. They developed a new gizmo call Google Glass, which is a tiny computer mounted onto an eyeglass frame. The wearable device can be used for hands-free video recording. Wouldn’t Google Goggles have been a much cooler name?

Being able to record what you see as it is happening might be great for snowboarders and spies, but for bowling?

Well, Rod Ross, director of the International Training and Research Center and Team USA head coach, recently received Google Glass for use at the ITRC in Arlington, Texas. If you don’t already know, the ITRC has 14 lanes dedicated to training and state-of-the-art technology including biomechanical motion tracking, DigiTrax(tm) ball motion technology, video analysis and much more.

Google Glass just becomes the latest technological tool for the ITRC coaches.

“Google Glass are extremely hard to get presently,” Ross said. “We were invited into the Explorer Program with Google to see how this technology can be applied and utilized for bowling and bowling coaching. I’m excited to be able to use these because they are extremely portable, and it’s like having a computer on your head.”

On your head, not in your head. That’s for the guy from Lost. Anyway, check out this video about Google Glass at the ITRC.


Want another look at Google Glass? Take a look the video Jason Belmonte shot with his Google Glass. The 2013 USBC Masters champion, who recently was named the player of the year on the Professional Bowlers Association Tour, can lay claim to being the first bowler to shoot 300 while wearing the glasses. Watch his video.