Advanced Maneuvers

Impossible-Splits-190x107-TREATED-V2NEW: Making 'Impossible' Splits  

Bowling's hardest shots are actually possible to pick up!

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THE VAULT: Advanced Maneuvers

Advanced103x89LOFTINGLofting the Ball
Sometimes it takes a little hang time to get it done.

Advanced103x89WRISTWrist Position
Fine-tune your roll with these wrist position techniques.

Advanced103x89MOVESCompetitive Moves
Get the edge at a high level with these competitive techniques.

Advanced103x89SPARESMaking Hard Spares
We cover bowling’s most difficult spare combinations so you can defy the odds.

Advanced103x89ARSENALHow to Build an Effective Arsenal 
The right gear for the right situation. What do you need to compete at the top?

Advanced103x89MANEUVERSTeam Maneuvers 
Work on these team strategies as a unit and you may be surprised at the results.

Advanced103x89ADVANCEDAdvanced Practice
Great practice really can lead to perfection! Get these tips down to elevate your game.

Advanced103x89NEXTLEVELGetting to the Next Level
No matter how good you are, there is always room for improvement.

Advanced103x89DRIFTDealing with Drift
Drift can be your worst nightmare and how you learn to deal with it can make all the difference.

Advanced103x89READINGReading the Lane
Being able to read the lane accurately is a must for any advanced bowler.

Advanced103x89PRESSUREHandling Pressure
Carolyn Dorin-Ballard shows you how she deals with high-pressure situations.

Advanced103x89STICKStick the Landing
Your finish position gives you all the info you need to analyze your mechanics.

High-Level-Mental-Performance-103x89High Level Mental Performance
From every decision to every action, your mind is where it all starts.

Adjusting-Ball-Speed-Treated-103x89Adjusting Ball Speed 
Learn to properly raise or lower your ball speed to make the difference between good and great consistency!

Looking-for-the-perfect-strike-103x89-TREATEDLooking for the Perfect Strike 
Carefully watch your ball go through the pins before making your adjustment.

Advanced-Spare-Practice-103x89Advanced Spare Practice
Getting great at spare shooting is a must for bowlers who want to improve.

Multi-Pattern-Tournaments-103x89-TREATEDMulti-Pattern Tournaments
When it's tournament time, someone's going to win. Why not you?

Rev-Rate-103x89-TREATEDWhat's Your Rev Rate?
What is your rev rate and how is it measured?

Practice-Tools-103x89-V2Practice Tools
With any elite level player, it's important to tailor practice to include versatility and challenge.

Entry-Angle-103x89-V2Adjusting Entry Angle
Your chance to strike may increase by learning to adjust your entry angle.

Impossible-Splits-103x89-TREATED-V2Making 'Impossible Splits
Bowling's hardest shots are actually possible to pick up!  

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