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Lane Condition Information: Best practices for classifying leagues appropriately

Ensuring the proper lane condition designation is chosen for leagues that certify within your association is important for Association Managers to watch for. Average integrity requires the proper lane condition be selected in WinLABS, as this will impact whether an average is re-classified on "Find a Member" for bowlers bowling in tournaments.

There are three lane condition classification categories associations must be aware of:

  1. Most leagues compete on what is considered standard, or house shot, lane conditions. The oil pattern allows for higher scoring.
  2. Sport lane conditions are the most difficult; think of what professionals compete on; PBA, PWBA, World Bowling patterns, and patterns from the Open Championship. The oil ratio, the volume of oil on the middle of the lane versus the outside boards, is typically 4:1. Bowler averages will typically be 20+ pins lower on a Sport condition compared to a standard condition.
  3. Challenge lane conditions are between Sport and Standard conditions. The oil ration is typically between 4:1 and 7:1. Bowler averages will typically be 10-19 pins lower than a Standard condition average. Leagues falling in to this category will be ones that change patterns regularly, or use a mix of difficult and easier patterns.

Averages from Sport and Challenge leagues are to be converted to provide a more fair competition environment. Click on the link below for conversion chart averages and please reach out to the USBC Sport Bowling department at, or to your Regional Manager, with any questions you may have.

Click HERE to see the conversion chart for condition averages.

Click HERE for best practices to ensure your association classifies leagues appropriately


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