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WinLABS Association Software

WinLABS is a free computer software application created by USBC to process information for Adult members. The program provides automated solutions for certifying adult leagues, members, bowler achievements, and tournaments.

Below are tutorials addressing WinLABS use. More tutorials will be added in the future.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about WinLABS.

WinLABS Tutorials 


  WinLABS Installation Requirements
Association Information
  Association Properties
  Association Officials
  Adding Association Officials        
  Marking a Bowler "Deceased"
  Marking a Bowler "Suspended" or "Reinstated"
  Ending a Term/Removing an Official
  How to Create a Non-Transmitting Backup in WinLABS *NEW!*
  Creating and Sending a New Transmittal
  How to Import National Data Changes
Start New Season
  Start New Season
  Preprinting Mem App Cards
  Benefit of Preprinting Mem App Cards
Membership Products
  Membership Products
  Changing Local/State Dues
  Membership Products Not Listed
  Creating a Discounted Membership Product
  Entering a Membership Sold Outside of a League
Processing Leagues & Bowlers
  Activating Inactive Leagues
  Activating Inactive Bowlers
  Activating a Bowler Not in the Database
  Activating a Bowler in the Database
  Changing the End Date of a League
  Adding a Bowler/Membership to a Previous Season's League
Entering Averages & Awards
  Entering Final Averages
  Entering a Left and Right Hand Average
  Entering Achievements/Awards
  Entering Averages for a Previous Season's League
WinLABS Reports > Association > General
  Running a League Bowlers Report
  Running a League Bowlers Email Report
WinLABS Reports > Association > Average
  Running the Yearbook Report
WinLABS Reports > League
  Running an Average Request Form
WinLABS Tournament Tutorials
  How to Create and Print Tournament Checks in WinLABS *NEW!*
  Copying a Prior Year’s Tournament Setup in WinLABS *NEW!*
  Create a Current Standings Report in WinLABS *NEW!*
  Tournament Program Overview
  General Tournament Setup
  Team Competition
  Doubles Competition
  Singles Competition
  All-Events Competition
  Gender-Based Competitions
  Creating Entries
  Prepare for Squad
  Proposed Prize List
  Recording Results
  Updating Ranks when Singles Allows Multiple Participation
  Determine Winners
  Finalizing Standings
  Awarding Prizes