Become part of A Future For The Sport

If you're passionate about your work and have a desire to launch the sport of bowling into a new era, then the United States Bowling Congress wants you! We're looking for motivated professionals who take pride in a job well done. We'll welcome and develop your skills, and reward you for helping us take bowling to new heights.

As the National Governing Body (NGB) for the sport, the USBC team takes pride in offering our members great service and taking bowling to a higher level with sophisticated new sport science research, dynamic youth programs, worldwide coaching clinics and forging new industry and corporate partnerships.

Those new directions mean opportunities for you to start an exciting, challenging and rewarding career with us at USBC. We offer a wide variety of careers in a fun and dynamic workplace with great benefits.

A Future For The Sport is quite simply the reason for USBC to exist as a National Governing Body. Today's vision is tomorrow's future through:

  • Innovation - Encourage and reward a culture of creative inspiration focused on processes producing a competitive advantage
  • Risk Taking - Willingness to challenge the status quo, understanding that with success, there will be failures
  • Inclusiveness - Actively reach out to all individuals who compete in, watch, support or promote the sport of bowling
  • Teamwork - Utilize the collaborative efforts of participants, volunteers, staff and allied organizations for the good of the sport
  • Integrity - Commitment to the highest ethical standards including honesty, trust, loyalty, responsibility, accountability and open communication
  • Excellence - Continually strive to provide outstanding service and value
  • Passion - Promote an environment of creativity, empowerment and professionalism that will enhance the enjoyment of the sport