Featured Story: Denied the 300

Denied the 300

It’s a shot that will forever live in bowling infamy – and a perfect way to kick off your Bowling Minute of entertainment. Our story takes place in Houston, TX – home of the 2013 Luci Bonneau Doubles Tournament. It was there that Troy Walker found himself on the doorsteps of bowling immortality. After rolling 11 consecutive strikes on a tough oil pattern, it was his moment to take a shot at perfection.

What follows is something so strange, it will probably never be repeated. Watch it here:

The bizarre mechanical error quickly earned national attention and has given Troy’s blocked shot nearly 2 million views on YouTube.  While some online claimed sabotage, Troy was good natured about the incident and claimed responsibility for the malfunction – hitting the reset button for another lane not knowing it would rack his own pins instead.

Denied Interview 1 
In the end, while the 300 game was missed, Troy can take heart that his shot at perfection will long be remembered as one of the strangest and most unfortunate rolls in bowling history.