Giving Old Equipment New Life

Giving Old Equipment New Life

When you pick up that new bowling ball from your pro shop, what do you do with your old one?

Some folks will use it to supplement their arsenal to create a wider variety of looks while others simply will toss them into the basement to collect dust until the next garage sale. But a few, however, have found creative ways to repurpose their bowling equipment and give it new life.


Mondo Croquet

Although some prefer using their old bowling equipment as lawn ornaments, these folks found another sport that takes place on the lawn where a bowling ball is necessary. Click here to read about Mondo Croquet!

Bowling Croquet


Play Pool...with Bowling Balls

If croquet isn’t for you, how about pool? Check out this article to see how one man turned his backyard into pool table and how bowling balls play a part!



Donate Your Equipment to Local Youth or High School Programs

A final alternative, and easily the best, is to donate your old equipment to your local youth or high school bowling program. Just be sure they know they will need to go to the pro shop so the ball is properly fitted to their hand.