Intermediate Tips

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THE VAULT: Intermediate Tips

Intermediate103x89OIL Understanding Oil Patterns
Don't let oil throw your game into the gutter.
Intermediate103x89REPEAT   Shot Repeatability
Consistent shots are the secret sauce to raising your average.
Intermediate103x89HEIRARCHY Bowling Ball Hierarchy
Find the right ball for your skill set and develop your average.
Intermediate103x89STYLES   Bowling Styles
There are several ways to approach the game. Which style are you?
Intermediate103x89ADJUSTMENTS   Making In-Game Adjustments
Ever notice how your consistency is thrown off by a changing oil pattern?
14_505-Bowlers-Source-Template-Intermediate-103x89-TOURNAMENTS.png   Intro to tournament Bowling
Think you're pretty good? Try your hand in the world of tournament bowling!
Intermediate103x89HOOK   Mastering the Hook
Got the hook down? Learn to fine-tune your rotation.
Intermediate103x89RELEASE   Developing Your Release
Get to know the components of your release, learn the different kinds of releases and put it all into practice.
Intermediate103x89EQUIPMENT   Maintaining Your Equipment
We'll show you how to regularly maintain your bowling equipment to get the most out of your gear.
Intermediate103x89SHAPE   Getting Back into Shape
Getting back into the swing of things? Here are some practical tips to get you back into bowling shape.
Intermediate103x89THINK   Think Before You Act
These quick and simple tips will help you prepare to repeat shots.
Aligning-Your-Swing-Treated-103x89   Aligning Your Swing
Get your swing directly on target by making sure your mechanics are all clicking.
Pack-for-Winter-103x89-TREATED   Pack for Winter
Get your equipment ready for the cold hard competition.
Fit to be tried-103x89 Fit to be Tried
Keep your hand from holding back your shot (literally).  
Raising-the-Bar-103x89 Raising the bar
Increase your overall focus, endurance and awareness throughout your game.  
Midseason-Form-103x89 Midseason Form
How's your average? Push your scores even higher by focusing on what really matters.  
Not-So-Straight-And-Narrow-103x89-TREATED Not so Straight and Narrow
Body and target alignment are key from start to finish.  
Always-Learning-103x89-TREATED-TEXT Always Learning
Knowing how you learn can be instrumental to your game.   
Ball-Sticking-103x89 Ball Sticking on Your Hand?
If your ball's getting "stuck", here are a few fixes you should know. 
Dominant Eye 103x89 Your Dominant Eye
Knowing how you learn can be instrumental to your game.