Midseason Form

Midseason Form



As we are in the middle of the bowling season, how are you doing? What may keep us humble is our average. It’s the measure by which you evaluate each and every performance but it’s not what defines you. Look at an average as simply a number and within that number are countless obstacles. Here’s what we mean.

League averages can be inflated by lane conditions, pins, and even whom you’re bowling against at the time, so these outside influences are realistically out of your control. Your job as a league bowler is to manage your skills to increase your average and help your team take home the prize. That being said, if we look deeper, there are a few ways to increase your average and your chances of winning.



First, know the environment, the lane condition. Is it oily or dry? How quickly does it vanish as bowling balls are thrown down the lane, and how much adjustment is typically needed over the course of a night’s league play?





Next, know your ability. Can you change ball speeds, change hand position, and change angles to adjust accurately to the ever-changing lane conditions? If you’re confident you can keep up with these and are comfortable with your physical and mental game tools, your average will rise to the occasion.



Being focused at league is key. Choosing the right equipment for the right situations, staying sharp physically and mentally, and adjusting to your environment (lane condition transition) are all focus factors that will keep you at the top of your game and help your team win. 



Finally, keep in mind what you “can” and “can’t” control. Simply manage what’s available. Don't worry about what the other teams doing or that “they’re getting all the breaks”. Here is a video from USBC Bowling Academy that breaks down how to eliminate distractions and keep yourself focused on what you can control:


Bowling is simple. It’s you, the lane, or the ball, and with any of those factors you have a choice in how they get used so use them wisely and let your average speak for itself.