Practicing Effectively

Practicing Effectively

As with any sport, great performance takes great practice. So, how do you practice effectively as a bowler? Below are several steps you can take to jumpstart your improvement and reduce your learning curve:


One Item at a Time


This may seem obvious, but it’s easy to get into a habit of practicing your entire routine without taking time to stop and focus on specific elements of your game. Does your arm swing need work? Is your targeting a little off? Make it a point to slow down and isolate the finer points of your game, then slowly work them into your overall approach and throw.


Identify What Good Form Is


You probably shouldn’t take tips from this person

A lot of athletes – not just bowlers – make the mistake of taking pointers from someone who has poor form. Good form, both mentally and physically, is critical to your game. There’s no sense in trying to emulate something fundamentally off. Find a high average role model, a USBC certified coach, or study the pros online. Identify and learn from the best in the sport.


Recognize Where You Need to Improve

Try recording yourself during practice, or even better, get a bowling coach involved to guide your development. Keeping track of your actions through these methods are smart ways to identify what you need to work on to develop as a bowler. The motivation of seeing yourself improve is also a big plus!


Be Consistent

Inconsistent practice habits are like inconsistent gym habits – they can leave you frustrated with the lack of results. Find a steady practice schedule and stick to it. Practicing consistently is important because your body needs to have enough time and commitment to develop the muscle memory essential for getting to the next level.

Set Goals


Team USA one day?

Goals keep us pushing our limits and help us improve. Set realistic goals to conquer them. Use measures like your certified average to track your overall growth in the sport – both long-term and short term. You can also set goals in practice for specific areas like consistent arm swing or a balanced approach.


Eliminate Distractions

That includes photographers

Stay focused. A distracted practice is probably a near-worthless one. Maintain your focus when practicing. If noise is a factor, find a different time to work on your game or find another bowling center that will fit your needs. Focus is that important. The proper environment can make all the difference for your development.

Take these practical tips to heart and remember to stick with it!