Mixed Singles League Sample Rules

Sample mixed singles bowling league rules 
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League Formation: 
All members present at the formation of the (your name) Mixed Singles Bowling League shall adopt the rules of the sanctioned league under the jurisdiction of the local USBC bowling association. The following rules shall in no way conflict with USBC rules. In situations not covered by league rules, USBC rules shall apply.


All members present shall constitute a quorum and a simple majority of votes is required to adopt league rules. The league president shall vote only to break a tie vote. At the conclusion of the bowling season, league members shall elect a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer for the next season. By majority vote, the league may combine the offices of Secretary and Treasurer.


League Schedule: 

The league will bowl two 12-week sessions for a total of 24 weeks.

    The first night of bowling will be (list date).
  • The last night of bowling will be (list date).
  • There will no bowling (list Holiday season dates, if any).
  • The league will convene on (date) for its annual meeting to receive payoffs and elect officers for the next league session.


Upon completion of elections of officers and distribution of the league prize fund, a three-game series sweeper "fun night" will be conducted. Bowlers will pay their own lane fees on sweeper night ($6 for three games) plus a $3 sweeper fee. Sweeper games will not count for averages, points or any awards.


Teams shall consist of one person. Bowlers must be USBC members of the (name) Bowling Association.


League Fees: 
Bowling fees for each session shall be $10 each night, with $6 for lineage, $.50 for secretary/treasurer fee and $3.50 for the prize fund. The secretary/treasurer fees will be paid in two installments: at the conclusion of the first half of the season and after final averages have been submitted to the respective local B.A. secretaries at the conclusion of the season.


    The league will function on a "pay as you go." No arrearages will be allowed nor will credit be extended.
  • The secretary/treasure shall open an account at a local bank in the name of the league. Two signatures will be required for withdrawal of funds from the league account. Spouses both cannot be signatory to withdraw funds from the league account.

Bowling Format/Lane Assignments:

    The bowling format and lane assignment will be as follows:
  • Lane assignments will be drawn randomly week. (Example, Lane 1A, 1B, 1C, Lane 2A, 2B, 2C, etc.) Bowlers shall put their respective lane assignment number A, B, or C in front of their first names in the computer upon receiving their lane number.
  • Drawing for lane assignment will be made at 6 p.m. Practice bowling to commence at 6:15 p.m. League bowling will begin at 6:30 p.m.
  • A bowler who arrives late may draw a lane assignment and enter the game provided five complete frames have not been completed by all of the bowlers on that pair of lanes. Frames missed may be made up.
  • At the end of the first and second games, each bowler will move one pair of lanes to the right. Bowlers on the last pair of lanes will move to the starting pair for their next game.
  • Bowlers are to record their scores on the recap sheets as they finish each game.

League Points:

Points will be based on the most pins bowled over a bowler's established league average (or fewest pins under average) for each game, to be referred to as POA:

  • Points will be awarded based upon individual POA scores for each game compared in rank order to POA scores for each game bowled by all other league members:
  • Example: if 20 bowlers participate in a given week, 20 points will be awarded to the bowler with the highest POA total for each game. The bowler with the second-highest POA score would receive 19 points, the third-highest POA score 18 points, etc. The last bowler would receive one point.
  • On their first night of bowling, all league members will establish an average based upon three games. A new bowler who enters the league after the first night will establish his/her average based upon his/her first three games bowled. Points will be awarded retroactively after any new average is established.
  • After the bowler has an established league average, points will be awarded based upon his/her current average for the remainder of the league year.
  • In the event of ties in any game or series, the points for the tied positions will be divided equally.
  • Fractional points awarded for ties will be carried forward through the last week of bowling at which time fractions will be rounded up or down to the nearest hole number. Half points will be rounded up.

Prize Fund:

The league payoff will be determined by dividing all points awarded in league play into the total prize fund, minus money set aside for special prizes, to determine the value of each point. Each bowler will paid the value-per-point times the number of points he/she earned over the season.

  • The bowler with the highest average number of points (total points divided by games/series bowled) will be declared the league champion. See eligibility rule 9e.

Special prizes:

The following special league prizes will be awarded:

High Average: $25

  • Most Improved Bowler: $25 (based upon ending average for a minimum of 48 games compared to the bowler's average after 21 games)
  • Highest POA Series: $25
  • Highest POA Game: $25
  • League members must bowl at least two-thirds of the league's 72 games (a minimum total of 48 games) to be eligible for the special prizes.
  • There will be no trophies awarded other than USBC or local association awards.

Pre-Bowling/Post-Bowling :

No makeup games (post-bowling) will be allowed. Pre-bowling will be allowed under the following conditions:

  • Pre-bowling can be performed at any time but bowlers must make his/her own arrangements with the host center and bowl under the same conditions as the league rules (i.e., bowling each game on a separate pair of lanes).
  • Pre-bowled games must be bowled in the presence of at least one other league member and witnessed by a bowling center employee, local association official or a league officer.
  • Games bowled in another league will not be accepted as pre-bowled games in this league.
  • Bowlers are responsible for paying the bowling center the $6 lane fees and obtain a printout of games bowled from the bowling center. The scoring printout and $4 league fees must be submitted to the league secretary/treasurer before next regularly scheduled league session.

In the event of a dispute between any bowler(s) regarding league play the dispute shall be submitted in writing within five days of the occurrence and presented to the league president. The league president shall appoint a three-member panel consisting of three bowlers who are not involved in the dispute to consider the issue(s). The dispute panel shall make a ruling on the dispute prior to the next regularly- scheduled league session. All decisions by the dispute panel are final.