The "Survivor" league format is a unique, fun, versatile and competitive USBC Sport Bowling experience originated by Mark Robey at Skore Lanes in Taylor, Mich. The league's name and internal concepts are based on the popular network TV show of the same name. Survivor bowlers battle in a 14-week league that is comprised of individual match play competition, an individual stepladder tournament, team competition and a team tournament. Bowlers of any average can join Survivor; the league's unique format allows all bowlers to enjoy very competitive matches.


How does Survivor work?


For the first six weeks, individual bowlers battle in a head-to-head, three-game match. Points are awarded for each game won plus totals. Each week bowlers are separated into "tribes" based on their averages. Within each tribe, bowlers are ranked based on their individual winning percentages.


On the seventh week, bowlers compete in a match play tournament. Tribes hold match play competition to determine champions of each division, named for the four suits in a deck of playing cards. These four champions compete for the title of "Ultimate Survivor."


In preparation for the team competition, a draft is held. The leading average bowlers become team captains and draft fellow Survivors to make even teams for the team competitions.


In weeks eight through 13, the focus shifts to team play with Survivor bowlers on these drafted teams bowling for the right to win their portion of the team prize fund, and the title of Survivor Team Champion.


The 14th week is a Baker team tournament. This format calls for head-to-head competition among seeded teams with bowlers from each team alternating frames until the Ultimate Team Survivors are crowned.