Team Maneuvers

Team Maneuvers

Although it may not be as popular as it once was in the 50’s and 60’s, team bowling is still one of the most popular recreational and tournament activities happening nightly in thousands of bowling centers worldwide. 

With local, state, national and international bowling team events hosted consistently, there are plenty of opportunities for camaraderie and competition. When you look at some of the best bowling teams, there are strategies that stick out and have led to success.



 Step 1: Shirt color solidarity.


Successful teams, in any sport, prepare to be great. Both practicing together and learning to communicate effectively are essential. Whether it's bowling league nights, the USBC Open Championships, or the International World Championships, they all involve the same foundations for teamwork: goals, communication, evaluation, and trust. 

If you’re practicing together, you will learn what each team member is capable of and how they learn best. You will also learn what adjustments each bowler makes and how to be successful as a team.


 They've got your back!


If you’re bowling on league and/or “house shots”, your team has a great chance of playing the lanes from multiple angles and scoring well. In these circumstances, the members on your team will not need as many skills i.e. adjustments with tempo, hand position, etc. House patterns allow players to play near the second arrow and have the ball hook from the outside of the lane and hold its line in the middle of the lane. Adjustments on the house patterns are typically moving each team member into an area with more conditioner and throwing it toward the same break point down lane.

It’s at events like the USBC Open Championships and USBC Women's Championships where each player's style, and how he or she plays the lane, becomes a factor to overall success. Using players with similar ball speeds, rev rates, and adjustment tactics can make tougher lane patterns easier because there are simply less adjustments for the team to make.

Continuously rolling shots in the same part of the lane will break down the pattern and define the shape of the lane pattern faster than if everyone bowled from different areas on the lane. Defining the lane pattern makes it easier to know where to play, therefore it typically generates higher scores.


Pretty easy to see where bowlers are finding the best line.


The Best Teams

The best teams always find a way to get it done as a team. They practice together, learn together, and sometimes even live together like a family. Put together the best team and train like champions and you may find yourself on the top of the leader board on bowling's biggest stage.


 An elite team at the 2014 USBC Open Championships.