Championship Trivia Contest

The Championship Trivia contest will test your knowledge on the USBC Open Championships and USBC Women's Championships, with winners being selected each month from September 2022 through July 2023!

You need to follow our official tournament Facebook pages to be eligible to win, so before you start thinking of the right answer to the question, be sure to like and follow these pages: Open Championships | Women's Championships 

For additional details, take a look at our FAQ:
We will post a trivia question once a month on both the Open Championships Facebook page and the Women’s Championships Facebook page. Participants can submit their answers through Facebook Messenger. One winner will be chosen at random for the OC trivia question per month, and one winner will be chosen at random for the WC trivia question per month. Winners must also follow the respective Facebook page of the trivia question they are answering.

What if I’m not competing in the tournament?
Anyone who follows the Open and/or Women’s Championships social pages will be eligible to participate.

How long do I have to claim my prize?
If you do not respond within 15 days, USBC reserves the right to select another winner.

How long does the promotion run?
The promotion runs Sept. 1, 2022, to the last day of the tournament.

What kind of prizes are you giving away?
Prizes will include, but not be limited to: OC and/or WC branded merchandise, bowling gear, new technology products, etc. The prizes will vary from month to month.

When will you announce the winners?
Each month’s winners will be posted to the Open and Women’s Championships Facebook pages.

Click here to read the official contest rules. Good luck!