Al Uttecht

Al Uttecht HOFPioneer

Al Uttecht
City: Anaheim
State: CA
Inducted: 2012

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Al Uttecht blazed a trail for wheelchair bowlers everywhere and is regarded as the most accomplished wheelchair bowler in the sport's history. Confined to a wheelchair after sustaining injuries in Vietnam in 1970, Uttecht began bowling later that year. He has won the American Wheelchair Bowling Association Tournament of Champions 13 times, is a 12-time AWBA National Scratch champion and a seven-time AWBA National All-Events champion. Uttecht became a member of the AWBA Hall of Fame in 1985 and was inducted into the Orange County Bowling Association Hall of Fame in 1995. The Anaheim, Calif., resident holds the record for the highest all-time scratch series in an AWBA tournament (750).