Catherine Fellmeth

Superior Performance

Catherine Fellmeth
City: Lake Geneva
State: WI
Inducted: 1970

One of Chicago's best woman bowlers, Catherine Fellmeth was a member of the 1942 USBC Women's Championships team event winners, Logan Square Buicks, and also won the all-events in 1949. That year, she became the first woman named to Brunswick's staff of champions and spent the next eight years touring the U.S. and Canada giving exhibitions and instructing bowlers. An all-around athlete since 1929, she has competed seriously in softball, track, speed skating, baseball, basketball and volleyball in addition to her bowling. In 1937, she competed on four city champion sports teams: She pitched the Rival Dog Food team to a softball crown, she sparked the Queen Anne Candies team to a baseball championship, she led the Chicago Hurricanes to a track title and she helped to win the bowling diadem for the Riddell Athletic Shoe Company.