Fred Borden

Meritorious Service

Fred Borden
City: Akron
State: OH
Inducted: 2002

Borden was noted early for his outstanding ability to teach, particularly to the high average players. After a long career as a center operator, he began to help touring professionals and budding hopefuls to fine-tune their games to compete on the pro tour. His growing reputation led to his being named coach of TEAM USA, which developed and honed the skills of top amateur players for international competition. He was the first teaching coach for the U.S. players, a position he held twice. He also spent time overseas at the request of other federations who sought his technical knowledge. Borden wrote numerous books and produced a number of instructional video. His expertise was the springboard for development of the USBC Bowling Coaches Certification Program, which led to hundreds of qualified coaches providing instruction to bowlers in many cities throughout the U.S. and Canada.