Jeanne Naccarato

Superior Performance

Jeanne Naccarato
City: Tacoma
State: WA
Inducted: 1999

Jeanne Naccarato won a doubles title at the 1983 USBC Women's Championships, an Open Division team title in 1986 and a Classic Division team title in 1996, when her team achieved a record-breaking 3,185 score. Naccarato also set a record for highest sanctioned three-game series at the 1986 Women's Central States tournament, when she bowled an 864 series that included games of 300, 300 and 264, and 40 consecutive strikes. During her career, Naccarato bowled more than 20 perfect games. By the 1999 season, she had earned nine national professional bowling titles, including the Bonanza Classic, in Detroit, in 1986; the Hammer Eastern Open, in Baltimore, Md., in 1988; and the Nu Generation Classic, in Yuba City, Calif., in 1993. In 1986, Naccarato was named the Ladies Professional Bowlers Tour Player of the Year and the Bowlers Digest Bowler of the Year. She was inducted into the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame in 1988, the Cleveland Women's Bowling Association Hall of Fame in 1988 and the Ohio WBA Hall of Fame in 1989. In 2002, Naccarato was inducted into the Women's Professional Bowling Hall of Fame. During her career, she also was named a USBC All-American and a Bowlers Journal International All-American.