Mark C. Jensen


Mark C. Jensen
City: Wichita
State: KS
Inducted: 2002

Jensen honed his on-lanes skills in Wichita with the help of his father, and he reached his first pinnacle by winning a USBC Open Championships eagle in doubles with Mark Lewis in 1988. He also was part of the Team All-Events champions that year. The right-hander followed with a team title for Wichita's Chilton Vending in 1989 and owns four other top 10 finishes in that national competition, including a 300 in the 1989 singles competition. He bowled back-to-back-to-back 700s in the 2002 Open Championships, the year he was inducted. Jensen also won the inaugural FIQ World Senior Open Masters title in Reno in 2001 and 12 senior division titles in three Tournament of the Americas events.