Pete Couture

Superior Performance

Pete Couture
City: Titusville
State: FL
Inducted: 2004

Couture developed his skills at the local and state level in his native New England, winning more than 20 state and local association titles in Maine and Connecticut. A five-time PBA Tour titlist, Couture made a successful transition into the senior ranks highlighted by USBC Senior Masters titles in 1998 and 2002. He also has five other top 10 Senior Masters finishes to his credit. Couture also won seven other PBA Senior Tour titles. He was named PBA Senior Player of the Year and Bowling Magazine Senior Player of the Year in 1998. Among his other notable accomplishments were a third and sixth place finish in the 1986 and 1980 USBC Masters, respectively, a second place Tournament team finish in 1994 and a 203 USBC Open Championships average for 20 years.