Steve James

Meritorious Service

Steve James
City: Fox Point
State: WI
Inducted: 2005

James devoted his career to promoting the sport and those who competed in it. He joined ABC in 1970 as Bowling Magazine editor and moved up through the ranks to eventually becoming the organization's public relations manager where he supervised all aspects of ABC communications. James served as the ABC Hall of Fame Executive Director from 1977-2002, playing a key role in developing the non-professional and pioneer divisions to honor those who elected not to compete as professionals and/or played historic roles in the formation of ABC. His expertise with the ABC Hall of Fame proved valuable to other bowling organizations. Serving on the PBA and PWBA Halls of Fame boards he was asked to re-write their constitutions and consult on their nomination and election procedures. In the international arena, James also served as Deputy Secretary General of FIQ, bowling's world governing organization.