Teata Semiz

Teata SemizSuperior Performance

Teata Semiz
City: River Edge
State: NJ
Inducted: 1991

Semiz has been one of the nation's best bowlers, dividing his time between the PBA Senior tour and his pro shop. He won the USBC Open Championships Classic Singles and All-Events titles in 1972. Semiz has won 10 PBA titles and has also done well in USBC Masters play, finishing fourth in 1973, seventh in 1983 and 11th in 1987. Semiz also rolled a 300 in match play of the 1983 Masters and finished fifth in the 1997 Masters. Semiz became the oldest player to win a Senior PBA Tour title in Seminole, Fla., in 1997 at age 63.