Woody Woodruff

Woody Woodruff HOFMeritorious Service

Woody Woodruff
City: Long Island
State: NY
Inducted: 2014

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Raymond (Woody) Woodruff of Long Island, N.Y., who died in 2009 at age 90, played a major role in the commercial development of AMF's Automatic Pinspotter, created AMF's pro staff, and supervised and operated the installation for the 1957 Open Championships in Fort Worth, Texas, the first major bowling tournament to be completely automated. He also worked closely with Professional Bowlers Association founder Eddie Elias to bring PBA competition to national television. Woodruff was a graduate of the Harvard Graduate School of Business, and along with various roles at AMF, he served as president of the National Bowling Council and was a member of the International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame Board of Directors for a decade.