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USBC has a goal of a day when high school bowling will be available in every state. Considering how far high school bowling has come over the years, that goal is closer than ever to becoming a reality.

High school bowling has made incredible strides since the first high school league hit the lanes in the 1930s. Thousands of schools across the country now offer high school bowling competition.

USBC High School actively offers guidance to all levels of high school bowling programs by providing rules, instruction, membership, awards and industry resources to ensure the success of high school bowling nationwide. To help achieve those goals, USBC High School maintains strong relationships with the National Federation of High School Associations (NFHS), state athletic associations, the Bowling Proprietors' Association of America (BPAA) and USBC Coaching, as well as providing a stepping stone to further opportunities such as college bowling and the USBC Junior Gold program.

Whether you're a student, parent, school administrator, high school state athletic association official, state proprietor association representative or bowling industry leader, USBC High School is your ONE resource that will help you to create and maintain high school bowling programs.


Beginning with the 2020-2021 USBC bowling season, the age eligibility for USBC Youth membership changed from 20 to 18. Bowlers are eligible for USBC Youth membership if they have not turned 18, prior to August 1 of the current season. High school bowlers who are not eligible to hold USBC Youth membership, but still want to certify as USBC members during their interscholastic season may do so, by purchasing a USBC Adult membership.

USBC Youth membership (National) costs $4 and provides the following benefits:

  • USBC Youth Membership card
  • USBC official average (minimum of 12 games)
  • Access to the Find A Member feature on
  • Eligible to bowl in USBC certified tournaments
  • Eligible to apply for all USBC scholarships
  • Eligible to apply for the Dexter High School All-American Team
  • Eligible to purchase USBC Youth Honor Scores (300 game, 800 series, 11 in a row).

USBC Adult membership (National) costs $13 and provides the following benefits:

  • USBC Adult membership card
  • USBC official average (minimum of 21 games)
  • Eligible to bowl in USBC certified tournaments
  • Access to the Find A Member feature on
  • Eligible to apply for all USBC scholarships (where applicable)
  • Eligible to apply for the Dexter High School All-American Team
  • Eligible to receive USBC Honor Score awards (300 game, 800 series) “Once in a Lifetime”

The prices reflected above are only national USBC member dues. Additional local and/or state dues may apply.

To obtain membership, please contact your local center or USBC association. Membership will be processed using the USBC Youth processing system, with the league type classified as High School or Adult/Youth (if some members are 18 and over). The member is responsible for providing end-of-season average information to the processor.

High School Award Application


High School Official Guide
Looking for information about high school bowling? The USBC High School Guide is what you need. This informative, easy-to-use handbook includes everything you'll need to start a high school bowling program in your area such as: suggested playing rules, certifying post-season events through USBC, future opportunities for high school athletes and more. A great resource for school administrators, coaches and athlete.

Click Here for a digital version of the Guide.
If you would like FREE copies of the Official Guide, please email us at

High School Coaching Guide
This collaboration from USBC High School and USBC Coaching and Certification has everything needed to help grow your high school bowling team. From fundamentals to team drills, this guide offers the tools to aid any coach or volunteer looking to elevate their high school team to the next level. Click Here for a digital version of the Coaching Guide

Since high school bowling is just beginning to be recognized as a serious competitive sport in the high schools, there are very few experienced school staff members trained to either instruct or coach bowling. Currently, certified volunteers from local bowling centers, pro shops and membership organizations are being utilized.

USBC Coaching and Certification provides coaches of all levels the materials to help them learn how to coach young bowlers.


The USBC wants to ensure that all high school bowlers meet amateur eligibility requirements so they can enjoy the sport. But since rules about eligibility and awards for high school athletes are set at the state level, you should always check with your state organization to make sure you or your team is doing the right thing. Contact your state representative to find out which organization determines rules for high school athletes in your state.