As the game develops, we want to keep you informed of the latest rules changes. Some rule changes that have taken effect since Aug. 1, 2010:

Membership - How Obtained
Membership through summer leagues will be for the season in which the league bowls. This change removes the provision that membership purchased in a summer league receives next season's membership.

What it means:
Previously, a membership purchased during a summer league, a league beginning after March 15 but before Aug. 1, was valid for the rest of the season as well as the next season. This rule states that the membership only is valid until the end of the league or July 31. If a member's league or tournament extends beyond that date, the membership will expire after Oct. 1.

Rule 118b item 4. Average - How Established
Allows the league's board to adjust a player's average upwards during the season with a two-thirds vote.

What it means:
If a player in a league is bowling well above their average, the league board of directors can vote to raise their average to a more reasonable level.

Rule 319a item 1. Average - Conditions That Apply
Requires bowlers to use the highest of either their composite average of all leagues or the highest single-league average of 21 games or more.

What it means:
During tournament play, this rule requires a bowler to use their highest average between their composite average or their highest league average of at least 21 games. A composite average is the average of total pins across all leagues divided by the total number of games across all leagues.

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