ITRC Spare Shootout Challenge

Spare attempt at three pins
Looking to test your spare game? Will you have no trouble covering all your corner pins? Join us at the International Training and Research Center for the Third Annual ITRC Spare Shootout Challenge!

Visit the ITRC from Nov. 15 - Dec. 23, 2023, to take part in the Spare Shootout Challenge. The cost is $10 per entry, and participants are able to enter up to four times. There is no need to call ahead to secure a spot, entries are accepted on a walk-in basis.

The Spare Shootout Challenge will feature three divisions:
  • Youth - under 18 years old
  • Adult - average 180 or above
  • Adult - average under 180
The winner in each division will receive a high-performance bowling ball, and the top five finishers in each division will receive a Bronze ITRC membership for one month. The winners will be announced Dec. 29, 2023.

Read the ITRC Spare Shoot Challenge rules HERE.