Rules Seminar –
Click here for PDF / Click here  for Rules Quiz
The USBC has taken major steps to help battle average integrity, and this year there will be rule amendments up for vote during the Annual Meeting. We will discuss the changes and how the new rules will benefit associations, leagues, tournaments and members. The team also will go over some common myths associated with the game before commencing the ever-popular Rules Quiz.

Cultivating an Effective Team – Click here for PDF
The strength and performance of any team is dependent on each member and how they function collectively; a chain is only as strong as the weakest link. This session will present tools that are standard development training in the upper echelons of business, potent tools for inducing the growth necessary to move yourself and your association to new heights!

Keys to a Powerful League Secretary Relationship – Click here for PDF
Well-run leagues are the foundation for the sport of bowling and league secretaries play a crucial role! Therefore, proper service, support and a strong relationship with the league secretary is vital. This workshop will focus on turning your league secretaries into raving fans, using a variety of strategies including the league kickoff meeting. Please come prepared to share your successful strategies and take away a wealth of new ones (networking session included).

USBC Technology: Investing in the Future – Click here for PDF
USBC’s Information Technology seminar will highlight improvements made over the past year and look at the solutions on the roadmap for the future. Featured topics include details on the rollout of the new WinLABS 12 software, and how technology can improve average integrity for the sport.

“Why Should I Certify?” – Click here for PDF
The importance of certified leagues cannot be overstated and there is tremendous opportunity for engagement and strategic communication to benefit all concerned. In this session, you will learn effective and powerful delivery of the USBC value proposition, as well as best practices for approaching and interacting with leagues.

Growing and Utilizing Association Revenue – Click here for PDF
Associations do a great job raising money for charities such as Bowlers to Veterans Link and Bowl for the Cure, but revenue also is needed to grow an association. Acquiring funds and effectively using them to strategically grow is essential. This session will share fundraising best practices and identify the most powerful strategies. You will leave equipped to capture additional revenue and with the knowledge to utilize it in the best manner for your association and its members.

The Youth Leadership Initiative – Click here for PDF / Click here  for Workbook with incentives

Imagine an individual intentionally active in the community, ever watchful for opportunities to engage youth, parents, schools and other youth outlets. The younger generations are our future and a designated focus needs our attention – youth leadership. This session is both visionary and practical, perfect for anyone who sees this huge opportunity. We will discuss ideas, present actionable plans, provide solid examples and the encouragement necessary to empower and/or launch your association’s youth leadership initiative.

The Art of Getting Things Done – Click here for PDF
The biggest challenge organizations and businesses have is executing on goals and strategies. At the same time, the only way to move forward, to know what works and what doesn’t, is through flawless execution. This session will explore the fundamental disciplines of execution; you will leave knowing how to execute successfully. Click here for Executive Book Summary.

The Highly Effective Board – Click here for PDF
During the 2013 Convention, there was an outstanding presentation offered titled, “Practices of a Successful Board”. The content was diverse and powerfully practical. There was, however, one crucial aspect that was not addressed. This missing component often is overlooked yet critical to fulfilling a board’s responsibility. What is it? Come to this seminar to find out and leave with tools required to close the gap.
“Outside the Box” Marketing and Promotion – Click here for PDF
Experts agree that pushing marketing and promotional efforts beyond the boundaries of your core business can trigger significant growth. It takes desire, quality branding, consistency and the courage to take risks to develop a successful formula. This session will take a brief look at branding before diving into “outside the box” strategies and tactics.  You will leave this session with current best practices, great ideas and prepared to make some waves in your promotional efforts (networking session included).

Fundamental Leadership – Click here for PDF
All USBC volunteers are leaders! Leadership is not about a title or a designation, it's about impact, influence and inspiration. The highest goal of leadership is to develop leaders, not gain followers or do work. This session, will challenge you, motivate you and provide the fundamental tools to grow as a leader, develop others, impact your personal legacy, and have greater influence on “A Future for the Sport”. Click here for the Leadership Scorecard.