Elections and legislation

The United States Bowling Congress Nominating Committee has slated five candidates for election to the USBC Board of Directors, and delegates also will vote on nine legislative proposals at the 2023 USBC Convention and Annual Meeting.

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Legislation and elections will take place at the Annual Meeting on Thursday, April 27 at South Point in Las Vegas. For questions, please contact convention@bowl.com.

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Voting during the annual meeting will again be done using your mobile device (or on-site voting device if necessary). Delegates should ensure they have downloaded PointSolutions mobile app (formerly known as TurningPoint). If you were a delegate last year and voted using your mobile device, your login from last year remains the same. Please use the forgotten password procedure if you have any problems logging in. New delegates for 2023 should install the app and create a login. In the spring, delegate voting practice sessions will be held virutally, and on-site there will be a booth in the trade show to validate your credentials if necessary.


Annually, members can apply to run for a position on the USBC Board of Directors. The applications are open throughout the summer and close on October 1. Candidates seeking election whom are not slated by the nominating committee, may run from the floor if they provide notice of their candidacy to the committee by March 27, 2023. Click HERE to learn more about running from the floor.

Click HERE to learn more about the responsibilities and requirements of the USBC board and to apply.


A benefit to USBC membership is ability to be part of USBC governance and submitting legislation you believe would be best for the sport.

Any member or chartered state or local association may submit a proposed amendment to the adult league
rules, adult tournament rules or these bylaws, except with respect to provisions for compliance with USOPC rules and regulations and provisions related to Athletes and Youth and other provisions mandated by the Articles of Incorporation or applicable law.

Amendments must be submitted in writing and received by USBC Headquarters on or before September 1 prior to the date of the next USBC Annual Meeting. Approval of an amendment to these Bylaws requires a two-thirds vote of the Delegates, present and voting at the USBC Annual Meeting where a quorum is present. Approval of an amendment to the adult league rules or adult tournaments rules requires a majority vote of the Delegates, present and voting at the USBC Annual Meeting where a quorum is present.      

Legislation will be available in the early spring, prior to the annual meeting.


LAS VEGAS - Delegates elected three board members and voted on one legislative proposal at the 2022 United States Bowling Congress Convention and Annual Meeting, which concluded Thursday at The Orleans Hotel and Casino.

The ballot for the USBC Board election had five candidates slated by the USBC Nominating Committee - Brandon Bowman of Mukilteo, Washington; Anthony Colangelo of Meridian, Idaho; Bo Goergen of Sanford, Michigan; Melissa McDaniel of Raleigh, North Carolina; and Cheryl Younger of Leavenworth, Kansas. On the first ballot, incumbents McDaniel (580 votes), Goergen (397 votes) and Colangelo (396 votes) were re-elected, with Younger receiving 346 votes and Bowman receiving 340 votes. A candidate had to receive a majority of vogtes from the 701 votes cast to be elected.     

Team USA athletes re-elected Andrew Anderson of Holly, Michigan, to a second term and elected Sydney Brummett of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The newly elected board members begin their three-year terms Aug. 1, 2022.

The USBC Board of Directors re-elected McDaniel to serve a second two-year term as president. Dennis Hacker of Longtown, Missouri, was elected to his first two-year term as vice president.

Angel Metsch of Statesville, North Carolina, is joining the International Bowling Campus Youth Committee, which also returns current members Chrissie Kent of Newark, New York, and Christopher Floyd of Lockport, Louisiana.

In addition to the board elections, delegates voted on one proposed bylaw amendment. Delegates rejected a bylaw proposal to allow remote electronic voting for future USBC Annual Meetings. Click HERE for the full press release and click HERE for the announcement of all National Recognition Award recipients.