O’Connor posts 770 to lead Diamond Singles at 2024 Women’s Championships

RENO, Nev. – The scoring pace keeps getting higher and higher in the Diamond Division at the 2024 United States Bowling Congress Women’s Championships as a new leader has emerged in singles.

Rebecca O’Connor of Knoxville, Tennessee, had a stellar performance throughout her eighth tournament appearance, starting strong Sunday with 674 in team to help F.W.F. 1 of Clinton, Utah, into second place in Diamond Team at the National Bowling Stadium with a 2,703 total.

Her scores got more impressive Monday in doubles, rolling a 715 series, and in singles, she shined over the competition, bowling games of 258, 257 and 255 for a total of 770 to take the lead.

She finished with an overall score of 2,159 to also take over second place in Diamond All-Events.

Amber MacLeod of Conway, South Carolina, and Michelle Abner of Cleves, Ohio, previously shared the lead in Diamond Singles with 760.

Ballard vs. the Big C leads Diamond Team with 2,842, and Kayla Pashina of Otsego, Minnesota, holds the top spot in Diamond All-Events with 2,198.

“The ball reaction was better than yesterday,” said O’Connor, comparing her performance from Sunday to Monday. “Everyone bowled well the past two days, and we all fed off of each other.”

This energy from her teammates helped push her toward the end goal of taking the lead.

In talking about where she usually performs the best at the USBC Women’s Championships, O’Connor noted that singles usually is not that area.

“Now, I think overall I’m sitting second for all-events and team, which is pretty incredible,” said O’Connor, who previously had a high series of 740 in team at the 2021 event, also held in Reno. “It’s kind of rare for me to bowl that way. Bowling both days and that many games, I start to taper off in singles.”

Coming together as a team is what matters the most for the bowler from Tennessee during this tournament, though. It’s fulfilling for her to do well with her teammates, especially when it’s with people she cares about the most.

“I care a lot more for team and doubles, because I try to do well for my teammates,” O’Connor said.

The cherry on top for O’Connor was taking the lead for singles. The final few frames were vastly important for her to take the lead, with the excitement coming down to the wire.

She needed a mark in her 10th frame to break the tie at the top of the leaderboard in Diamond Singles, and O’Connor recorded a spare conversion and nine count on her fill ball to start the celebration.

“Currently shaking,” O’Connor said. “I had some anxiety there at the end, but truly ecstatic that his happened. I knew going into the second shot of the 10th frame that I had to make it, and I did.”

When asked about her future goals and final thoughts on the tournament, O’Connor said, “My dream is to win, and I’m hoping the score will stay. I’m happy to come here and hangout with my friends, and we have a great time bowling well.”

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