Bowling Memes

Bowling Memes 

Sometimes, your performance or something that happens on the lanes can best be described through the power of the meme! See if you can identify with any of these:

austin powers meme3

Do you live 'dangerously' with your bowling game every once in a while? Perhaps we can all relate, but not all of us have 'Danger' as our middle name. 




opponent goes brooklyn

It’s a close game in the 10th, and you need to match your opponent to stay in the game and give your team a shot. He or she throws a bad shot, but catches a break with a Brooklyn strike.

You can’t let that get to you. You place it out of your mind. You go through your pre-shot routine and are ready to go. Everything feels good. The ball gets to the right spot down lane and is primed to strike. You crush the pocket…and leave an 8 pin. 

Ever feel just unlucky at the lanes? The guy above can relate!
That high average bowler that give you all sorts of advice you never asked for.
can't figure out right lane

You would be putting together a big set, if only the right lane would cooperate. You haven’t missed on the left lane all night, but cannot find the same success on the right lane.

Then it happens. You flush 10 back on the right lane! Your night is ready to turn around! Until you get back to your good lane and leave a corner pin.


For those of you who are like the image above, cheer up! Maybe you're tempted to turn into 'grumpy cat' when things don't go perfectly, but then again, you did just score a really high game.


Yes, bowling has certainly changed over the years. You may know some folks who've been around a long time and know what it was like before your parents were born. They probably have some interesting stories to tell. 

success kid meme

We’ve all probably been here before. You feel bad enough after missing a single pin, and now you’re staring down another potential open with the likes of a 4-7-10 or 2-4-10. But, somehow, you’re able to cover the split!

Then you scratch your head, wondering how you could miss one pin standing by itself but were able to slide another pin completely across the deck to hit another!


You feel invincible during those 10 minutes or so prior to the beginning of a league session or tournament. You can play different lines and still get to the pocket. Every ball is striking. It’s going to be a good night.

Practice ends. You’re ready to go. Except now you can’t strike. Where did my look go?

head pin flies around the 10

Every once in a while, a shot gets away from you and you’re looking at the washout to keep the frame clean. The washout (1-2-4-10 for righties, 1-3-6-7 for lefties) can be made by sliding the head pin into the corner pin, while the ball takes care of the rest.

Your spare attempt is on line. The ball is getting to the correct side of the head pin to throw it right into the corner pin. You’re saving the frame! Until the head pin viciously flies past the corner pin, missing it by an inch, and leaves you wondering how you missed it.

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