Coach of the Year

The NCBCA Coach of the Year was first awarded following the completion of the 2000-2001 season. The award was re-named in 2003 to the NCBCA Kerm Helmer Coach of the Year Award in honor of longtime Erie Community College coach and USBC Hall of Famer Kerm Helmer, who lost his battle with cancer on Oct. 20, 2002. In 2020, the men's award was renamed to the NCBCA Gordon Vadakin Coach of the Year Award in honor of longtime Wichita State coach and USBC Hall of Famer Gordon Vadakin.

The awards are determined by selecting five finalists in each of the divisions by a committee of NCBCA member coaches. Members of the NCBCA decide on the final selection.

2023   Katie Thornton, SCAD-Savannah
2022   Andy Diercks, Mount Mercy
2021   Andy Diercks, Mount Mercy
2020   Andy Diercks, Mount Mercy
2019   Phil Vida, Lindenwood
2018   Billy Murphy, Newman
2017   Mark Lewis, Wichita State
2016   Jeff Fleck, Wright State
2015   Ron Damron, Pikeville
2014   Mark Lewis, Wichita State
2013   Mark Lewis, Wichita State
2012   Ron Damron, Pikeville
2011   JJ Mastny, Midland
2010   Ron Damron, Pikeville
2009   Pat Costello, Central Florida
2008   Scott Savage, Purdue
2007   Mark Lewis, Wichita State
2006   Pat Costello, Central Florida
2005   Pat Costello, Central Florida
2004   Ron Damron, Pikeville
2003   Mark Scroggins, West Texas A&M
2002   Bill Kolacek, Indiana State
2001   Gordon Vadakin, Wichita State
2023   Bob Learn Jr., Tennessee Southern
2022   Katie Thornton, SCAD-Savannah
2021   Shawn Wochner, Wisconsin-Whitewater
2020   Rick Steelsmith, Wichita State
2019   Dennis Knepper, McKendree
2018   Greg Hatzisavvas, William Paterson
2017   Shawn Wochner, Wisconsin-Whitewater
2016   Mike Kubacki, Calumet
2015   Lindsey Wong, San Jose State
2014   Shawn Wochner, Wisconsin-Whitewater
2013   Mike Kubacki, Calumet
2012   Bobby Brown, Morehead
2011   Bobby Brown, Morehead
2010   Joe Slowinski, Webber International
2009   Billy Murphy, Newman
2008   Dave Nagelhout, William Paterson
2007   Chris Preble, Fresno State
2006   Glenn Carlson, Fresno State
2005   Glenn Carlson, Fresno State
2004   Gary Sparks, Vincennes
2003   Gary Sparks, Vincennes
2002   Mike Fine, Kansas
2001   Karl Nickolai, Michigan State


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