900 Global to sponsor Showcase Lanes in 2013

900GlobalShowcaseLanes2013LARGEARLINGTON, Texas - The United States Bowling Congress and 900 Global have agreed on a sponsorship deal making 900 Global the official sponsor of the Showcase Lanes and two new side tournaments being held in conjunction with the 2013 USBC Open and Women's Championships in Reno, Nev.

The 900 Global Showcase Lanes will give bowlers the chance to book practice sessions on the tournament lane conditions or get coaching tips from a USBC-certified coach before competing on the main championship lanes. The concept was introduced at the 2012 Open Championships in Baton Rouge, La.

For 2013, renovations to the ground floor of the National Bowling Stadium will allow for 10 Showcase Lanes, compared to four lanes at the Baton Rouge River Center in 2012.

The additional capacity means more opportunities for bowlers to practice and compete while in the Biggest Little City in the World. Competitors from both the Open and Women's Championships will be able to hone their skills on the exact lane conditions they'll face at their respective tournaments.

Traditionally, the lane conditions for the Open and Women's Championships are posted on BOWL.com and available to bowling centers across the country just before the start of each tournament. Matching the oil, lane machine, lane surface and environment are proven challenges, so being able to practice on lanes maintained by the USBC event staff, and so close to the tournament action, will provide an unmatchable opportunity.

The one-of-a-kind NBS will welcome more than 50,000 Open Championships competitors, and more than 25,000 bowlers will make their way to the Reno-Sparks Convention Center for the Women's Championships. The 2013 Open Championships will kick off March 1, and the Women's Championships will start April 12.

Reservations are recommended for bowlers wanting practice or coaching sessions on the 900 Global Showcase Lanes. The Open and Women's Championships oil patterns both will be available.

900 Global also will sponsor two unique side events on the Showcase Lanes at the NBS - the 900 Global Two-Game Challenge and the Who's Got the Look Baker Bonanza presented by 900 Global. The side events will have their own lane condition, and bowlers will be able to compete anytime lanes are available beginning at 11 a.m. Hours are subject to change.

As the presenting sponsor for the Showcase Lanes and the side events, 900 Global also will have the opportunity to show off its product line. For one hour in the morning (9:30-10:30 a.m.) and one hour each afternoon (1:30-2:30 p.m.) on the 900 Global Showcase Lanes, bowlers will have the chance to learn about and throw the newest 900 Global balls free of charge.

"The Open and Women's Championships are the two premier events in bowling, and we are thrilled to be able to have such a significant presence at both upcoming tournaments," said 900 Global's Dave Smart. "The Showcase Lanes and side events help create a fun and competitive environment with a lot of traffic, and we welcome the opportunity to promote our products and help enhance the tournament experience for so many dedicated bowlers."

Pricing for one hour on the Showcase Lanes:

* $200: One-hour session with a USBC-certified coach (based on availability)
* $100: One hour of practice for up to 10 bowlers (no coach)

For more information about the 900 Global Showcase Lanes, visit BOWL.com/showcaselanes. To reserve your coaching or practice times, call (866) 977-7433 or email showcaselanes@bowl.com.

Details on the 900 Global Two-Game Challenge and Who's Got the Look Baker Bonanza will be available soon.