If you polish your skills to a very high level through USBC leagues, tournaments and coaching, you could earn a spot on USBC's Team USA, an elite group of top American men and women amateur and professional athletes who represent the U.S. in international competition.

Team USA competes in several prestigious events all over the world, such as the Pan American Games, World and Zone Championships, World Games, World Cup and others.

In addition, Team USA members are among the most visible ambassadors for the sport of bowling.

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Team USA Code of Conduct
Team USA Athlete Agreement


Basic Athlete Grants - Team USA athletes are compensated for travel days and competition days each time they travel for Team USA to attend training camps and/or international competitions.

Betterment Grants - Each athlete is eligible for Betterment Grants for educational purposes and/or physical fitness membership or classes.

Elite Athlete Health Insurance (EAHI) - USOPC awards Team USA with two EAHI. EAHI will be offered to the top male and female finishers from the USBC Team USA Trials.

Performance Grants - Each year, Team USA athletes who compete in the major competition determined by USBC will be eligible for performance grants. USBC will follow the USOPC payment of performance grant guidelines. Athletes who qualify for more than one award will automatically receive the higher award.


Athlete Ombuds
Team USA athletes may contact the Office of the Athlete Ombuds for independent and confidential advice on a variety of sport related matters, including their rights, applicable rules, policies or processes, and questions related to resolving disputes and grievances. The Athlete Ombuds can also help Team USA athletes connect with legal counsel or mental health resources if needed. All other NGB athletes (i.e., athletes competing domestically at the masters or youth level, recreational athletes, foreign athletes) are welcome to visit the Athlete Ombuds website to review informational resources and should work directly with their NGB to understand additional resources and options available to them. 

Phone: 719-866-5000          

Athlete Ombuds Confidentiality and Privacy Policy 
(A) In general.—The Office of the Athlete Ombuds shall maintain as confidential any information communicated or provided to the Office of the Athlete Ombuds in confidence in any matter involving the exercise of the official duties of the Office of the Athlete Ombuds. 

(B) Exception.—The Office of the Athlete Ombuds may disclose information described in subparagraph (A) as necessary to resolve or mediate a dispute, with the permission of the parties involved. 

(C) Judicial and administrative proceedings.—(i) In general.—The ombudsman and the staff of the Office of the Athlete Ombuds shall not be compelled to testify or produce evidence in any judicial or administrative proceeding with respect to any matter involving the exercise of the duties of the Office of the Athlete Ombuds.
(ii) Work product.—Any memorandum, work product, notes, or case file of the Office of the Athlete Ombuds—(I) shall be confidential; and (II) shall not be—(aa) subject to discovery, subpoena, or any other means of legal compulsion; or (bb) admissible as evidence in a judicial or administrative proceeding. 

(D) Applicability.—The confidentiality requirements under this paragraph shall not apply to information relating to—(i) applicable federally mandated reporting requirements; (ii) a felony personally witnessed by a member of the Office of the Athlete Ombuds;(iii) a situation, communicated to the Office of the Athlete Ombuds, in which an individual is at imminent risk of serious harm; or (iv) a congressional subpoena. 

Anti-retaliation Statement 
No employee, contractor, agent, volunteer, or member of the NGB or USOPC shall take or threaten action against an athlete as a reprisal for disclosing information to or seeking assistance from the Office of the Athlete Ombuds.


Kendra Cameron-Curry, Program Director High Performance
(817) 385-8287