Bowlopolis was designed to speak to kids in a language they are familiar with through animated content and fun birthday party supplies. Run a successful birthday party program with our resources below. Or just utilize the characters and graphics to add a youthful presence to your center. Simply click on the file name and depending on the file type it will open in a new window or download to your computer.

Don’t see something you are looking for? Send an email to and we can create custom youth graphics, flyers, and promotional material to help you grow youth bowling in your community. 

Guide to Bowlopolis

  • Official Guide: The official guide to the Bowlopolis story, products and information on incorporating them into your center.
  • Flyer: One-page flyer for Bowlopolis.
  • Catalog: View the available Bowlopolis products.
  • Party Direct FAQ: Bowlopolis & Party Direct FAQ

Interactive League Resources


  • The Little Bowler Magazine: An interactive activity book filled with puzzles and coloring pages to allow the youth bowler to showcase their creative side.
  • Achievement Board Game: A board game full of bowling achievements that encourages the bowler to learn more about the sport, the center and their teammates, while also striving to complete development milestones on the lanes.
  • Coaching Guide: This guide provides answers to the Achievement Board Game, as well as instructional tips to help bowlers complete their achievements. An excellent resource for any coach, parent/guardian or program coordinator looking to help their bowler complete the board game.
  • Achievement Chart: This poster can help you showcase and celebrate the achievements completed by each bowler in your program.
  • Coloring Sheet: Hold a coloring contest. Use completed sheets to decorate your center walls. Or, make them available to any youth who come to bowl with their family.


Kids Parties

  • Birthday Party Ideas: Get ideas for promoting and hosting your next Bowlopolis birthday party.
  • Cake Form: Use this authorization form to have a Bowlopolis-themed cake for your party.
  • Birthday Flyer: Customize a birthday-themed flyer featuring Layne, Carrie, Reset and Kingpin.
  • Custom Game Coupon: Customizable sheet of three different birthday-themed free-game coupons.


  • Video: A video promotion for Bowlopolis.
  • League: An audio promotion for your Bowlopolis league.
  • Birthdays: An audio promotion for your Bowlopolis birthday party.

Design Elements

Themed Flyers